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What to Expect

on your First Visit

A first visit into any new medical setting can be a scary thought and daunting task for many. It is our hope, we can put you at ease and help you to feel comfortable through every single step of the experience.
First Steps Into Our Clinic

After you schedule your first appointment, your first steps begin with filling out some new patient paperwork. Please try to arrive around 15 minutes early to ensure sufficient time to complete the check-in process. During this process, if you will be going through your health insurance plan, our front desk will be happy to verify your acupuncture benefits and answer any questions you may have. Tip: We always recommend that you call the number on the back of your insurance card to inquire about your acupuncture benefits prior to your first visit.

Preparing For Your First Treatment

Many who are still unsure whether acupuncture and TCM is right for them will elect to discuss their individual condition in a free consultation first. This is a great opportunity to not only learn how acupuncture can help you but also allows you to meet and familiarize yourself with our practitioners and practice style.


Tip For Treatment: Please wear loose fitting clothing. Many coming from work will bring a t-shirt and pair of shorts to change into.

Tip: We always recommend you eat something an hour or two before treatment to avoid treatment on an empty stomach or feel too full to lie down.

The Treatment Experience

The single thought of needles can often scare people away from receiving their first treatment. When thinking of needles, most imagine hypodermic needles (hollow needles used for drawing blood and vaccinations) and immediately think of PAIN. We meet patients with intense needle phobias on an almost daily basis. Rest assured! The needles we use are ultra-fine and flexible, almost hair-like in appearance. Most are completely stunned with how painless and pleasant the experience can be!  

Closing and Follow-up For Your Next Visit

We hope to always have you walking out of our doors feeling better physically, mentally, and emotionally than when you walked in. At the conclusion of your treatment, our front desk will guide you through the check out process; help you schedule appointments, answer any questions, and generally be a friendly face to talk to!  

Treatment Plan

Our family style of acupuncture and TCM practice focuses on treating the very root of every condition places a large emphasis on knowledge, where one can learn the intricacies of their issue and know how to prevent future occurrences.

treatment plan
Initial Consultation and Examination

During your initial visit, you will have the opportunity to discuss your condition and medical history with one of our practitioners. An experienced practitioner should not only be able to have a good grasp of your condition within a few minutes but also locate the sources(root) as well. Our practitioners will evaluate your condition from the whole body, discuss how it fits into the big picture, and provide you with recommendations on your best course of action. During your TCM exam, you may experience some special attention being paid to looking at the tongue and taking your pulse from both wrists.

Initial Treatment and Treatment Plan

After your initial consultation and TCM examination, you will start your initial acupuncture treatment. Depending on the severity or any special circumstances surrounding your condition, your treatment can last anywhere from 15 minutes to upwards of an hour and a half. Treatment times will vary but can average to around 45 minutes to an hour each visit. After treatment, our practitioners will evaluate your individual condition and design a personalized treatment plan for you. In this portion of the treatment, you will be able to develop a better understanding of the severity of your condition as well as the length/duration of your treatments.

Follow-Up Treatments

Each treatment after your initial visit with us will be based off of your personal treatment plan. Our practitioners will track your progress each step of the way as you move through the process and look to arm you with the knowledge and tools necessary to speed up your recovery or strengthen your existing routines.


At the conclusion of your treatment plan, our practitioners will re-evaluate your body constitution and provide you with our best recommendations moving forward. Many often find  preventative and maintenance measures discussed in this step.


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